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Topsy Announces Social Modules

January 13, 2011

Today, we are excited to announce Topsy Social Modules for online publishers and website owners. This is a powerful, yet simple tool for bloggers, websites, and other publishers to showcase and monetize the Web’s most relevant social content on their sites. Content powered by Topsy Social Modules is already in use on well-known sites like,,,, and

Topsy Social Modules leverage the same proprietary influence algorithm powering, allowing you as a publisher to display content from influencers across the social web on your site. We’ve also got you covered with our profanity filters, so the content you’ll see displayed is relevant, brand safe and won’t make anyone blush.

You can even search by topic, keyword, author or domain when using our Social Modules so you’ll have the most relevant and up to date content for you site.

We’ve been testing out this new product with a few of our partners and the results have been pretty fantastic. Overall our partners saw measurable increases in a visitors’ engagement on the site with some increases of over 300% thanks to our social modules.

How’d they do it? Easy.

Topsy’s high quality content means visitors spend more time on the site reading content, visiting pages and having a generally more positive experience. The more time visitors spend on a site, the more likely they are to click on an ad pertaining to their visit, increasing your revenue potential.

Providing targeted 3rd party ads within Social Modules is a turn-key solution, so you can make money from Social Modules. Or, you can even insert your own ads within Social Modules.

Topsy Social Modules are easy to build and integrate… and totally free! Code is easily pasted into publisher sites and each Social Module is highly customizable by content, functionality, and user-interface to fit the look and feel of any site.

To get started making your own Social Module, visit: We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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