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API Spotlight: HootSuite

January 7, 2011

Topsy’s API is used by a number of organizations to inject relevant social content into applications, pages and marketing tools. Our API Spotlight posts are designed to communicate who’s doing what with our API to spur more ideas on how to create value from Topsy’s API. This week’s Spotlight discusses HootSuite’s implementation.

HootSuite helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. HootSuite enables teams to collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress and other social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms plus track campaign results and industry trends to rapidly adjust tactics.

HootSuite wanted to provide its users with Influencer insights, showing users who the influencers are that  tweet and retweet campaign messages. This allows users to understand who is more important for a given topic, keyword or domain, and to then reach into that person so they can “influence the influencer” using HootSuite’s campaign management interface.

Topsy’s API was tapped to feed influence identification into HootSuite’s application, providing realtime influence intelligence to its users.  As an example, the view below shows which “highly influential” pundits, pros and fans have mentioned @hootsuite.

Influence information from Topsy is now seamlessly meshed into HootSuite’s application. It was easy for HootSuite to productize Topsy’s Influence data through our API & you can find out more about their implementation here . If you’re interested to learn more about Topsy’s API you can learn more here.

Posted by eddie